January 31, 2022

The famed English historian, Edward Gibbon, spent twenty-six years writing his great work on history. Noah Webster worked diligently for thirty-six years to bring into print the first edition of his dictionary. It is said that the Roman orator Cicero practiced before friends every day for thirty years in order to perfect his public speaking. What diligence!

In today’s video, we are encouraged by Dr. Mensa Otabil to be diligent.

“Diligence is critical for all our lives’ endeavours, and to be diligent is to be careful and persistent in what we do”

In today’s video, you will learn that

  • A diligent person does not waste time
  • A diligent person works hard
  • A diligent person is intentional
  • A diligent person does not give up

“Diligence is the mother of good fortune”

— Benjamin Franklin

It gets better